Kick that Photojack!

Kick that Photojack!

Ever had those beautiful pictures with your loved ones taken, only to have some photojack appear? Then Abracadabra Snap! is the app for you. Abracadabra Snap! is a simple to use photo editing iOS application to move or completely remove objects within the picture. The app provides an easy to use interface to remove unwanted objects from the image, move different objects around, and remove photobombs or unwanted appearances in the image.


App Overview

The first thing you do is selection of a picture for editing. You can select the photo from image gallery or take a snap on the fly. You can also load one of your previously edited photos from within the application.

Abracadabra Snap!

To change the orientation of the selected picture, you can rotate the photo in any direction you want. Once the photo and its rotation is finalized then Abracadabra Snap! assists in the process by the help of automatic object detection and it provides a photo with all the objects marked in red.

You can simply tap on any detected object that you intend to move and it will get selected.

Abracadabra Snap! photobomb remover

The customization tool in the application gives you complete freedom to manually select and adjust an object of choice if the automatic detection does not work perfect or if you want to create a manual selection with multiple objects at once.

Each selection point can be moved with a simple drag and drop to make an object of choice.

Abracadabra Snap! iOS

After manually creating the final selected object, you simply have to drag the object to move it. When you start to drag the object, a trash icon appears either on the left or the bottom of the screen.

If you choose this options and drop the selected object in the trash, it gets removed from the original position and is thrown out of the image and the background is modeled in the location to reduce the effect of any movement of object from that location. It gives the impression that the object never existed in that place.

Abracadabra Snap! app

If the user places it somewhere else in the image, the object is removed from its initial position and placed at the final position, which can help you do fun stuff with your application by moving different objects around and rearranging the whole setting of objects or people in the photo.

Abracadabra Snap! Android

The background modelling algorithms model the background in place of the moved object to reduce the effect of object movement.

Another feature of ‘copy object’ is provided in the application that can be used for two different purposes.

  1. If you think the background adjustment at the place of moved object is not perfect then you can further improve the background modelling at the place from where the object is moved. It can be improved by manually selecting a small background texture area and placing it everywhere where the background needs to be improved.
  2. If it is intended to make multiple copies of the objects in the image

The object is selected in the copy object option in the same way as in the move object option but a duplicate copy of the object is created at the dropped place instead of removing the object from the original place.

The below image depicts this functionality by creating multiple copies of the same object at two different locations:

abracadabra snap ios app

App Features

  • Pick an image from gallery or take a picture from camera
  • Rotate the object to adjust to the required orientation for further processing
  • The application automatically selects and marks all objects in the image
  • Manual objects can be selected and marked manually by the customization tool
  • Objects are moved or completely removed from the image by a simple drag and drop
  • The modified images are automatically saved in the workshops so that the user can keep modifying the images on next launch of application
  • Save the modified image in the photo gallery and share it on facebook and twitter

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