The Tell-Tale Signs of a Good Graphic Designer

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The Tell-Tale Signs of a Good Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is someone who assembles together images, words, or motion pictures to create a piece of design that is primarily used for publication and printing (such as brochures) or electronic media (such as online advertisements etc). Good graphic designers are also responsible for illustrations, user interfaces, typesetting and web designs. The main responsibility of a good graphic designer is to present information in a way that is attractive, accessible, understandable and memorable. So how can you tell that someone is a good graphic designer? Here are the common tell-tale signs of a good graphic designer that can help you in selecting a great resource for your team:



Often you have to try and try again to find the perfect mix of font and image in order to truly make your work shine; and that takes time. Therefore, the first quality that a good graphic designer should have is persistency.

More often than not coming up with a quality design that fully satisfies the requirement becomes too much to handle, and without a persistent aptitude a graphic designer can’t push through such hard time!


Seeing Design in Everything

A competent graphic designer doesn’t simply think of design when working. In fact, they think of design almost 24/7. They are the type of people who will stop and stare at a random sign and wonder what they would do to make it better and more appealing. Or they would see a can of food and instinctively figure out what font is being used to promote the product.

This is because good graphic designers know that the world is filled with designs. They just can’t restrict their minds from discovering lessons, ideas, and solutions through the things that surround them. They will look for design patterns in areas other people can’t even think of, all thanks to their native designer instincts.


Attention to Minute Details

A proficient graphic designer will always care about details. More than just being meticulous, being a graphic designer involves identifying the tiniest bit of details that usually don’t even matter to naked eye – because when it comes to the world of graphics, all minute details are to be held sacred, even when it’s about deciding how big an impact a mere 1 pixel will make on readability and aesthetics.

The ability to judge what’s critical and what’s not is the difference between a productive designer who’s raring to get the job done while giving proper attention to each and every design element, and one who doesn’t produce anything substantial at all and goes for a lame design.


Cares About Solving Other People’s Problem

That’s right, graphic designers need to take other people’s problems into consideration. The very reason they design is to help people understand something which in turn helps them. This is because creating the perfect design according to one’s own perspective and style will fail if others don’t perceive it the same way.

A design is successful only when it properly provides solution to a real problem and this is something that all good graphic designers know. Design in essence is to make something better than if you were to leave it alone.


Dislikes Consistent State of Affairs

Nifty graphic designers never like the status quo. They will always attempt to improve the things around them in one way or another. They are the type of people who believe that something that is “good enough” is never good enough.

They will always try to find ways to innovate and make things better than they currently are. For doing so, they will always spend a good amount of time learning new things such as trending Photoshop tricks, new ways to design websites, better fonts, etc.


Good Communication Skills

A designers needs to be a master in the art of communication. Why? That’s because all of their work depends on it. Communication is the only way a graphic designer can get its ideas across. No matter how skilled one may be, all of the designs are useless if one can’t convince the clients that they absolutely need those designs for so and so reasons.

Another benefit of this trait is that graphic designers will be able to work more easily with other members of the team, and hence a better cooperation will lead to a better finished project.


Great Time Management Skills

Graphic Designers will always lose track of time, even for the simplest of decisions such as deciding a type of font or hue of a color. At times, many might sit in front of their PCs for 30 hours at a time and not realize that they have not eaten or slept since. This habit is wrong and doesn’t bear any substantial fruit whatsoever and rather results in a great loss of time.

A good graphic designer will always prioritize the important details first and get straight to work on them. He will pre-plan his day and organize what needs to be done and how much time should be spent on each task.


Instinctively Creative

Quite obviously, capable graphic designers are creative and resourceful. They should be adaptable and readily able to work with anything given to them. They should always be open to feedback and should welcome positive criticism.

A graphic designer has to be able to look at and see things in ways that may not be as readily apparent to others. Any stubbornness to change any design detail is a major flaw and will most likely hurt the graphic designer in the long run.


Always Approachable

A good personality is a must have for all graphic designers looking forward to become great. In a lot of cases, the graphic designer is like the glue holding all the other components of a project together, therefore it needs to be friendly and approachable.

No matter how amazing a designer is, no client or team member will consider working with them if they’re upset, angry or rude all the time.


Financially Smart

An important trait all good graphic designers have is a keen eye on finances. That includes profit, budget, limitations, feasibility, etc. They know that the key to successful graphic designing is keeping an eye on all finances because they don’t want to be over budgeted or under budgeted. A key ability of a graphic artist is to weigh out parts of the project that are design heavy and need more time or resources and allocate sufficient budget and resources for optimal project estimation.


Remember, the difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is just that little ‘extra’. A graphic wizard will use all of the available resources and combine all of the above traits in order to dish out a design that stands a class apart from the competition!

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