Why You Should Learn to Code [Infographic]

Why You Should Learn to Code [Infographic]

You may have heard about coding over the years, but what is it exactly and why is it all the rage in recent years? Well, simply put, coding is a phase within the process of computer programming. It allows us to tell a computer what to do. When I say computer, I do not just mean the laptop you have lying around, I mean every bit of sophisticated technology you use, from tablets to PCs, smartphones to PDAs. With our modern world being dominated by so many electronic devices, the least we can do is learn how to code in order to effectively make something for these devices. Here are four solid reasons why you should learn to code this year:


You Will be in Great Demand!

Since 90% of our world’s multi-million business transactions and telecommunications take place via sophisticated devices, people who can code are needed for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from security, to developing programs, to creating servers or even small but significant stuff like designing web layouts.

As per reports, the number of software development jobs is set to grow twice as fast as any other type of job within this decade. If you need any proof for that indication, fortune 500 companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft and Google are scrounging around and looking for the best coders on the planet to safely secure them for the upcoming years. Talk about high demand!


You Will Learn it Faster Than Anything Ever Before!

Learning how to code a particular language is actually faster and less time consuming (and also conveniently less of a headache) than trying to learn any spoken language. It doesn’t matter whether you choose JavaScript, HTML, C++, Python, Ruby, PHP or any of the other hundreds. Each and every one is guaranteed to be learnt quicker than an actual spoken language.

An example of this is the SF developer Bootcamp, which teaches one of the hardest coding languages around, Ruby in less than 10 months! Sure, for that kind of crash course, they are asking a whopping $12,000 + for it, but what most people don’t see is that 17 out of 21 people who complete the camp receive jobs with salaries that pay over $79,000!

For comparison, average Master’s Degree requiring jobs pay about $70,000 even after all of the years put into attaining that degree.


It’s More Than Women Friendly!

As per 2012 stats, there is about 1 female coder out of every 10 coders. While this may seem off putting to many women, it was not always like this! In fact, in the 1980s, 1 out of every 3 coder was a woman. What does this mean? Simply put, coding is women friendly. It is not labor intensive and women can more than ace it.

In fact, let it be known that most of the computer programming pioneers were none other than female coders. In 1842, Ada Lovelace designed the very first algorithm that was to be processed by a machine, effectively making her the world’s first computer programmer.

In 1946, a team of 6 women programmed the world’s first electronic computer. Even in 1952, Grace Hopper’s language compiler had earned her the nickname of the Mother of COBOL. How is that for a little girl power?


Just About Anyone Can Learn it!

From young kids to middle aged adults, just about everyone can learn how to code. Every year, more and more schools are integrating computer studies into their curriculum for children as young as 12. Aside from that, people can even learn it for free right at their home using online tutorials.

There will be a day when coding becomes a basic principle of education just like grammar and arithmetic. If billionaires like Michael Bloomberg are ready to start learning to get ahead of the curve, then what’s stopping you? Get out there and learn how to code today!


Here is a brief and beautiful infographic that sums up things for a better visual perspective:

why you should learn to code infographic

Infographic Courtesy: OnlineCollege.org

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