MVP Development

Did you know more than half of the startups each year fail? A lot of reasons account to it, from poor coordination between the development team to failing to develop a product that fits the market needs. There are many other reasons too. 

The introduction of MVP development changed the history of startups as MVP’s main idea was to get timely customer feedback, before the final product is developed, to avoid failure. Arkhitech is an mvp development company and always gets proper user feedback before launching the final product. 

What is MVP? 

Minimal Viable Product is the idea to create a product that meets the user and market needs by keeping in mind the customer feedback. It involves a lot of testing to ensure that the final product isn’t a failure. At initial testing, only essential functions of the product are included. This initial MVP version assists in finding out the final product’s potential.  MVP can be used for both mobile and web applications.

Why is MVP important? 

You can confirm your target audience’s interest in your product using MVP. If you receive a positive response to your MVP app or website, you know you can go ahead for further development but if you don’t then you go back and revise your prototype. 

Creating a minimal viable product gives you the following benefits: 

  1. Saves resources by ensuring that you are investing your money into a project that is most likely to succeed. 
  2. Tests whether potential customers like your product or not. 
  3. Discover the trends you can use to your advantage when you develop the final version of the product. 
  4. Find new potential customers and early adopters. 
  5. Get new investors. 

Should MVPs only be used by Start-ups? 

Believing that MVPs should be only used by start-ups is incorrect. Development of new features, on your already existing website or mobile app, should start with an MVP. Provide a basic release of the new versions to a selected group of users. Take their feedback into account and make changes into the features accordingly. Test again. Once you are satisfied with the result, deploy these features to the main app or website. 

Why Arkhitech? Arkhitech is experienced in mvp software development. All the products, features, websites and applications we develop have mvp versions first. We know that users are the most important part of any business and thus, keep them at the forefront of our development cycle. We have the best software engineers, website developers, coders and testers on our team who are well-aware of what they are doing. So, your product will be in safe hands at Arkhteich.