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Foodnerd is the solution you are looking for when you are sitting cosily by the window, watching the rain pour down and the only thing that is missing is your favourite food from your favourite restaurant. The only problem is that you have no desire to go and get the said food.

Foodnerd is a web-based food delivery service that delivers your food at your doorstep! You can place an order on Foodnerd by accessing its website or mobile application. Currently, Foodnerd caters to foodies residing in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore, Pakistan, but the business is rapidly expanding to other locations too.

Foodnerd is also the best place to place your order when you aren’t even sure what you want to order because it allows its users to browse through a diverse food catalogue consisting of restaurants’ menus in their vicinity.

Foodnerd POS: 

Foodnerd has partnered with over 2,000 restaurants, not only providing them with food delivery services to its customers but also with adaptable POS systems. These POS are cloud-based desktop, Android and iOS-enabled systems. You can get better customer insights, billing abilities, and streamline all your operations using the system. 

In addition, the software is easy to use and understand, and you get an outstanding support and maintenance system along with it. There are many features available of foodnerd POS that can help you in growing your sales and business. From menu management to managing drawers to offline syncing orders, you have all the tools that can prove to be immensely beneficial in the growth of a business-small scale or large scale.

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