Ruby on rails is a leading framework for rapidly developing scalable web applications. It is incredibly flexible and suitable for most of the projects that we undertake. The model view controller (MVC) in ROR is beautifully implemented with emphasis on dry (do not repeat yourself) and convention over configuration concepts. This results in the rapid development of applications which is also easy to manage and maintain later.​

How we do it?

At Arkhitech, we are involved with our clients from the beginning to assist with decision making and requirement finalisation that is beneficial to the success of the solution. We even give design advice on whether or not Ruby on Rails suits the project size, requirements and system scalability. We follow the Scrum methodology using Redmine while being open to other methodologies/system like JIRA used by our clients. Our team has worked on a variety of large scale RoR deployments. We can take the project from an initial idea to a working prototype application at an astounding speed. This allows our clients to get a feel of how the website is going to look and work at an early stage, and their return on investment is improved through faster feedback incorporation.

What we provide?

Our brilliant team of Ruby on Rails developers creates amazing ruby on rails applications applying best practices of MVC and OOP. Our ruby on rails web services include:

  • Scalable web-based application development supporting high traffic volume.
  • Porting existing web applications built in other technologies to Ruby on Rails.

  • Existing RoR-based application refactoring and enhancement.
  • Redmine Plugin Development.

We provide rich front-end interface development using:

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • jQueryjQuery Logo / jQuery UI
  • Bootstrap

We deliver powerful server-side built over:

We also integrate Rails with a variety of 3rd party applications and services:


We promote collaborative learning and knowledge sharing culture and contribute open-source via Github and Slideshare.