Arkhitech offers custom development services for the Redmine project management system, including custom plugin development, and enterprise integration. We have years of experience in using Redmine and customize for just about anything, including ticket management, support, invoicing, and HR-related tasks such user leaves management, and performance reviews.

We help you customize Redmine to map exactly to your needs, all the way from customized dashboards, setting up the look and feel, defining workflows, and user privileges, email reports, and alerts to full-fledged integrated modules. This allows you to turn your Redmine deployment into a completely customized ERP solution.

The job is only half done with Redmine fully configured for your exact requirements, and training of employees is an essential exercise. We offer Redmine workshops, including one on one sessions for your leads so that they learn how to ensure people get the most out of Redmine and adapt gracefully.

We strive towards improving our own efficiency via Redmine and have open-sourced a variety of Redmine plugins at Github, including:

  1. Redmine Leaves – A simple plugin for user leaves management. It allows user to check-in and check-out for attendance marking. Leave is marked for any user that does not check-in by the specified time. Administrator can define leave types via the administrative interface for the plugin
  2. Redmine Time Invoices – Allows users to automatically generate time invoice for each project where the plugin module is installed at a specified interval. Once the time invoice is generated, user/manager can add comments for the time invoice, and also add the invoiceable quantity, and invoiceable unit (monthly, or hourly) for each user time summary entry. This plugin also provides a report interface for filtering and searching through the time invoices generated
  3. Redmine Update Reminder – This plugin allows user to configure the duration at which various trackers are expected to be updated. When tickets are not updated in that desired duration, an email reminder is sent to the assignee, and cc’d to a globally defined user
  4. Redmine Timesheet Plugin – Redmine 2+ compatible version of timesheet plugin to generate timesheets from timelogs.
  5. Redmine Mentions – Allows users to mention team members in their notes/comments.