Howmuch is an innovative and fast-moving omni channel platform that has revolutionized retail. It makes it possible for small businesses and independent retailers to manage their inventory and conduct in-person sales. Its user-friendly interface expedites sales processing and maintains line flow. Howmuch is practically designed for operational cost reduction for small/medium businesses. It has replaced obsolete and traditional POS with cloud-based technology. 

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can sell with Howmuch using web browsers on their laptops and desktop computers, as well as by using the native mobile app to sell internationally and remotely. Howmuch has received recognition for excellence in distribution, supply chain, and retail management. It provides a seamless shopping experience for customers in-store and online. 

It offers a variety of tools and products to make life easier. Howmuch provides technically sound and cost-effective business solutions while ensuring first-rate client support all along the way. With a sleek user interface and well-managed product data for both global and local brands, it offers a seamless navigation and checkout experience.


Foodnerd provides an online restaurant management solution with a social platform for foodies to get insights into their favorite locations and order food online. It empowers restaurant businesses with its agile digital technology and pushes restaurants to deliver the highest performance and simplify their day-to-day operations. Foodnerd automates the restaurant industry by bringing creative, intuitive, and elite tools.

Its proprietary technology enables customers to instantly fulfill their food cravings by ordering from its intuitive website/app, getting notified at every step of the order process, and tracking orders in real-time. Foodnerd POS for restaurants and cafes with remarkable features and powerful Cloud-based capabilities helps businesses thrive and maintain their online and social presence.

Foodnerd connects restaurants from the kitchen to the community. It centralizes restaurant employees, sales, inventory, and customers. It shortens the wait time, provides customers with a variety of payment options and provides quick and better service, making the experience more pleasant. Managers can access real-time reports about their restaurant’s operations anywhere and at any time with Foodnerd POS.