Arkhitech at arabnet

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Arkhitech at arabnet

Arkhitech at arabnet



The Arabnet Conference:

  The ArabNet conference held at Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, was flooded by tech companies, investors and visitors. After all, it is the largest tech conference in the Kingdom. The conference’s main objective was to bring regional as well as international, digital businesses under one roof so the future of technologies could be drawn and investments are made. During the two days of the conference, 10th and 11th December, innovative technological products, ideas and gadgets kept the audience captivated. The theme of the conference was “Connecting the Kingdom”, and brought together more than 6,000 visitors, 250 speakers and more than 300 start-up companies. All these companies got the opportunity to explore the future of their products in Saudi Arabia. A conference of such a huge scale plays a key role in bringing the stakeholders that are vital for the growth in the digital industry. Many dynamic initiatives to encourage and support entrepreneurs, workshops on entrepreneurship, marketing and e-commerce were featured in the conference. Additionally, motivational speeches, informative talks were also held.  

Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision

  The Saudi Economy is getting diversified. Rather than only investing in the oil sector, their government has decided to tap into other sectors too. The Saudi crown prince wants to develop a knowledge-based economy. This has created a golden opportunity for small scale businesses and entrepreneurs to get investments in order to expand their business. The keystones for the technological innovation that KSA wants are based on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and recognizing these factors; there has been a rapid investment in start-ups in the country.  

Pakistan’s Presence at Arabnet

  Pakistan has a lot of start-up and entrepreneurial companies, who have amazing technologies to showcase but a very limited investment. ArabNet was a perfect opportunity for many Pakistani entrepreneurs to introduce to the world the genius innovations of Pakistan in the field of technology. Saudi Arabia is currently developing its digital market, and thus, they are seeking promising companies they can invest in. Eight Tech Companies represented Pakistan at this Tech exhibition, amongst whom; Arkhitech had the honour to be one.  

Arkhitech’s Vision :

  Arkhitech is a software house that provides digital solutions by coming up with simplified software solutions that assist industries and franchises in this world of constant innovation and change. HowMuch and Foodnerd are the two main products developed by Arkhitech.   Howmuch:  
  In the world of technology, the time has become more precious than ever. We recognize this and thus, have designed an e-commerce grocery store that allows you to conduct all your grocery shopping affairs from your digital device. We give users the option to use our website or our app to order whatever they desire from the comforts of their home. Our POS systems also assist retails shops, managing their distribution and billing routines as well as automating their financial transactions. Excellent and efficient support services are provided to businesses that use Howmuch’s POS system. Technology is making waves in every sphere of life, and grocery shopping should be no different!  


  Foodnerd is a web-based food delivery service that delivers your food at your doorstep. Both web and mobile applications can be used to access it. A rising trend has been observed in the profitability of food ordering services in recent years, especially in the Middle Eastern region. The promise of mouth-watering, delicious food always gets you the right customers. Foodnerd has partnered with over 2,000 restaurants, not only providing them with food delivery services but also with adaptable POS systems. These POS are cloud-based desktop, Android and iOS-enabled systems.  With the increased influence of technology in our everyday life, POS is a hot commodity in the market, and for this reason, in particular, have become a success.  

Response at Arabnet:

  The Arabnet conference was a booming success for us. A lot of investors and entrepreneurs were attracted by what we were offering and inquired about it. They were impressed with our POS systems, especially because POS systems have a high demand in the market. Our app had been translated in Arabic to assist our potential investors in understanding its usability and function; this was highly appreciated by them. Overall, the conference was a very engaging, insightful and opportunistic event where the Pakistani entrepreneurs successfully managed to make waves.

Many dynamic initiatives to encourage and support entrepreneurs, workshops on entrepreneurship, marketing and e-commerce were featured in the conference. Additionally, motivational speeches, informative talks were also held.

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