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Craftsmanship in Product Development

If the product is successful it must have a desirable attribute for your target market and/or it will be unique. If it isn’t either of these things then your chances of success are next to nothing. Once you determine the fact you need to create this product you need to answer the following questions. “Can […]

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Foodnerd provides an Online restaurant management solution with a social platform for foodies to get insights into their favorite locations and order food online. It empowers restaurant businesses with its agile digital technology and pushes restaurants to deliver the highest performance and simplify their day-to-day operations. Foodnerd automates the restaurant industry by bringing creative, intuitive, […]

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Howmuch is an innovative and fast-moving omnichannel platform that has revolutionized retail. It enables independent retailers and SMEs to sell in-store, manage inventory and gain business insights. Its intuitive interface processes sales quickly and keep lines moving.  Howmuch is practically designed for operational costs reduction for small/medium enterprises. It has replaced obsolete and traditional POS […]

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Touch Reading is an award winning unique interactive e Learning tool founded in 2015 to transform the way kids learn and read at schools and home. Staffed with a professional team, Touch Reading encourages book reading through smart phones and tablets. Touch Reading is guided by our determination to enrich every reader with wide access […]