How to Use Reality Hunt

How to Use Reality Hunt

App Overview

Ever wanted to have an application that can teach your kids valuable information while having fun and playing games? Reality hunt is the app you have been looking for. Reality hunt is an augmented reality based application to teach kids about different animals, scientists, and fruits.

You pick a category from among animals, scientists, and fruits to begin playing. A particular scientist, animal, or plant is assigned each time to find out using the camera; once it’s found you get valuable information about the object and answer some basic question about that information to continue to the next element.


Image set download link: Download and print this target that contains all images needed for the application: Print the downloadable image

Image can also be downloaded from /wp-content/uploads/2015/04/all-in-one2.jpg

How to Use

This step-by-step guide will tell you in detail about the steps to follow to use this application. The first thing you do is the selection of a game among scientists, animals, or fruits to begin.

Each of the three games corresponds to a particular category, and once the game is selected then you will be given the names of the objects of that category to find out.


After you have selected the game (in the below scenario: animals), then you will be given a name of the animal to find out. You will have to move your camera and take it to the picture of that particular animal from the downloaded and printed image set given below to detect it.


Once you have found a particular target in the camera, a new screen appears with the name, picture, and other basic and interesting information about the particular target as shown in the below picture.

After you have read the information, tap on the screen to see a random question about the presented information. You can re-read the information if the answer is not known, although re-reading contributes to losing score. Once the question is answered then you will be provided with the next target to found out.

After all the targets are found, you will be shown your score with the number of detected objects and number of answered questions along with the time to find the targets and the time to read the info and answer the questions.


Score Details

  • 20 points are awarded on succesfully detecting a target.
  • 20 points are given if the question is answered in the first attempt.
  • Each wrong attempt or re-reading of the information contributes in deducting 1 mark from your score.


Image set download link: Download and print this target that contains all images needed for the application: Print the downloadable image

Image can also be downloaded from /wp-content/uploads/2015/04/all-in-one2-1.pdf



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