Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications have taken the world by storm. Simply put, it is the process of creating software that has the ability to run on mobile devices. This task requires experience, skill, time and dedication and team Arkhitech has it all.

If you are looking for a software development consultancy to create a mobile application for you that is worthwhile and helps you in achieving your goals then Arkhitech is the solution. Arkhitech has skilled developers that spend hours finding innovative, reliable and easy to use software solutions to problems.

Why Mobile Applications? 

What is the one piece of gadget you find yourself using the most? I am sure it didn’t even take you a moment to think-smartphone! Over time, as technology has improved, so has the number of smartphone users. There’s an application of everything you need. Want to know about the weather? Download an app. Want to order food online? Download an app. Want to keep track of your calories? You guessed it, download an app! 

Mobile apps are a powerful marketing tool for businesses as they are great for reaching a particular target audience. There are more than 5 billion unique mobile users in the world, out of which more than 4 billion are internet users. All these people form your audience base when your business has a mobile application. 3G and 4G technology has further moved people towards smart devices and thus, smartphone applications.

So, going for a mobile application solution is the wisest and most profitable choice for any business. It also creates a positive image of your company and helps you in assesses the behaviours of your users. Front-end development plays a huge part in getting your audience’s attention and thus, Arkhitech has the best front-end developers on-board, making sure that your users find your app easy to use as well as aesthetically pleasing.

What Kind of Applications Do We Develop? 

Arkhitech has proven to create high quality and high performing hybrid and native mobile applications that include features customized to your business requirements. We cover all the major mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. The kind of applications we develop are scalable, robust and user-friendly. Moreover, they are designed to help your business and improve your profitability, regardless of the industry you are targeting. Every client’s business needs are thoroughly considered before the development operations commence.

What Clients Do We Cater to? 

We cater to all niches and businesses. Over the years, we have designed E-Commerce websites and mobile applications, created health and fitness apps, made our mark in the real estate sector, helped the educational sector, built stock exchange applications, and developed POS systems to provide enterprise mobility.

Hybrid Mobile Applications: 

The word hybrid means a blend and therefore, hybrid solutions are a blend of native and web solutions. It is a much cheaper solution than native mobile application as it uses the browser embed. Arkhitech has the best people on its team to develop hybrid mobile applications for your business.


Native Mobile Application: 

Native mobile applications are the apps that you download from iOS or AppStore directly to your mobile device and can access your smartphones built-in features such as microphone and camera by default. They provide better user experience and are easy to use. Arkhitech can develop flawless native mobile applications for your business.

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