Web Design & Development

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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

We observe every day how quickly technology is evolving. Shopping online, once a dream is commonplace now, sending messages in real-time, once thought impossible, is routine now and so on and so forth. Every company has an online presence now, a website. If you too are thinking about building a website for your enterprise then you’ve come to the right place. Arkhitech, a software agency,  specializes in building websites that are user-friendly, reliable, equipped with the latest features, responsive and optimized.

There are two major parts of a website: website design and website development. Arkhitech has the best website designers and developers on its team. If you are wondering what’s the difference between website designing and developing, your question will be answered in the following section:

Website Design: 

Website designers are the people who transform an idea or a story into a design that is appealing and appropriate for the audience they are targeting. Their topmost priority is to provide good user experience by designing a user-friendly look and feel of a website. Simply put, they are the architects that design a building on paper before the website developers start to develop it.

From deciding the visual aesthetics of a website such as colour scheme, layout, to UI/UX (user interface and user experience) everything comes under website design.

Website Development: 

Web developers are the people who convert the design of a website into a live website. Different web languages and software tools are used to make web design responsive and functional. Front end development and back end development are the two sub-categories that work together for building a website. Front end developers are the bridge between web designers and backend developers; they have little knowledge of both.

  • Front end developers:

Front end developers build the interface, provide a layout for the interaction between the users of the website and the backend of the website. They use languages like Html, CSS and JS for the purpose.

  • Back end developers:

Your server requests and data is controlled by back end developers. Usually, websites require to store data and this is done by a database connection which is made possible by a direct connection to the server. Programming languages like PHP, ASP.NET are used and for writing database queries, languages like SQL and MySQL are used.

Arkhitech’s Website Building: 

Arkhitech has the best website designers and developers on board who can create flawless websites for small businesses to large, customized according to the needs of your company and your business rules. The website designed by our designers and developers is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, secure and fast. So, what are you waiting for? Give your business an online presence by using our services now!

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