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You might have heard your tech-savvy friends discussing the great ‘UX’ of a website or how poor the ‘UI’ or a product is. So, what do these slangs mean? UX is the user experience on a website and UI is the user interface. Having a good UI/UX is essential for an attractive, well-functional website. Arkhitech is a software development consultancy that knows that having a powerful UI and UX is the key element to more sales, traffic, conversions and easier onboarding.

The job of a user interface is to be able to bridge the gap between the human brain and the product or service you offer. According to our human behavioural patterns, your design needs to be simple, intuitive and easy to understand. Arkhitech’s UI/UX designers keep this in mind when they work on your website or app.

Our Design Approach: 

In UI/UX design you pay for producing the outcomes that your users expect from your system. You need to meet your user expectations and try to stand out from your competition. To do this, Arkhitech uses an iterative design process meaning we go through many stages repeatedly, looking at the feedback of each activity. Perfection is our goal and we do everything in our power to deliver that.

  • UI Design Process:
  1. Conducting Analysis of Requirements
  2. Designing Interface Architecture
  3. Sketching the Design
  4. Creating a dynamic Prototype
  5. Editing as Required
  • UX Design Process:
  1. Look up Design References
  2. Design Graphic Interface
  3. Create Animation Prototype
  4. Follow UI Guidelines
  5. Design Review


The UI/UX designed by team Arkhitech is one that will impart a great impression of your website or product to your audience. Our custom designs based on your business requirements offer an aesthetically pleasing journey leading to more people seeking out you and your services.

Given how fast-paced our world is, you just have moments to make an impression on your potential customer. Arkhitech can help you in doing that by giving your website or product an impeccable, easy to use, responsive design. And we aren’t going to experiment with your product, we follow proven practices and patterns while designing the UI and UX!

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